Application process

Learn how to submit your application for opportunity class entry in Year 5 or selective high school entry in Year 7.

The general application process for selective high school Year 7 entry and opportunity class entry are the same. These processes are both managed by the Selective Education Unit. For more detailed information please refer to the department's relevant policies and procedures:

Years 8 to 12 selective high school entry

The application process for selective high school entry in Years 8 to 12 is different from that for Year 7 entry. Individual schools manage their vacancies, placement processes, assessments and reserve lists (where available) for Years 8 to 12 entry at their school.

Learn about the application process at Selective high schools – Years 8 to 12 applications.

Placement stages

Changes to the application process for 2026 entry

Placement stages and key dates are changing for entry to selective high schools and opportunity classes in 2026.

Learn more at Changes to the application process for 2026 entry.

Key dates

Check the dates below for the key application stages and their timing.

Be careful to select the correct tab below for your child's school placement and entry year.

There may be changes to these dates and procedures, so please check back regularly for any updates.

Who can apply

Submitting your application

How to apply in 5 easy steps

1. Register

Register to start your application

Parents and/or carers enter their own details to register (not their child’s).

2. Verify email

Verify your email address

Go to your verification email. No email?

Check your junk folder or wait a little while – the email does not always arrive immediately.

3. Log in

Log in to start. Go to the application website and log in.

Forgotten your password? Select forgot password to reset it. Make sure it has the required number and types of characters.

4. Complete

Complete the 8 sections

Answer all the application questions. You can save your application and come back to update it and complete the questions.

Note that saving your application does not submit it – see the next step.

5. Submit

Select ‘submit’ to finish your application

Check you have received the confirmation email and application dashboard message.

You can log in to your application dashboard and make changes after you have submitted the application. For example, you can update details, upload documents and send and receive messages. See the full list of key dates above for deadlines for updates you can make after submitting.

Need help using the application website?

Need help with making your school choices?

You can submit your application and change your school choices later.

If you are not yet certain about your school choices, you can still submit your application and change them later.

You have time after the placement test to finalise your choices (see last day to change choices in the Key dates above).

For special consideration after this date, please refer to the Selective high schools and opportunity class placement procedures.

Applying for boarding at agricultural high schools

The process of applying for boarding schools may involve some extra steps, including:

  • Students may need to attend an interview at the school.
  • Parents of students from rural and remote locations may be asked to provide their child's school reports to be considered for an early offer.

Learn more at Boarding at agricultural high schools.

Can I submit a late application?

You must apply by the application closing date – see Key dates.

Only in very rare cases can you submit a late application request. You will have to explain what exceptional events stopped you from applying during the entire application period. You will also need to provide proof of this.

Please note that only a small minority of late application requests are eligible and get approved.

The only circumstances under which a late application request can be approved are:

  • Where all parents/carers of the child have evidence to show that circumstances beyond their control prevented them from completing an application during the entire application period.
  • When parents/carers are applying for placement of their children in selective high schools or opportunity classes where there may be a shortage of suitable applicants (for example, some rural schools or for a few metropolitan schools). Your child cannot be considered for any other schools, even if you move home.

If you are eligible on one of the above two grounds, you should submit a late application request as soon as possible, see below.

How to submit a late application request and the application

The 2-step process
  1. Make a late application request as soon as possible and before the request due date – see the Key Dates).
  2. If approved, submit your late application by the due date.
Step 1: How to make a late application request
  1. Log in to the application site and select '+ Create late application request'. If you have not registered for the site, do this first and log back in.
  2. Add your child's information in the 'Student details' section.
  3. Choose your school selections.
  4. Tell us why you were unable to apply during the entire application period in the 'Grounds for the request' section. Be sure to add your supporting evidence or your request will be declined.
  5. Select 'submit request'.

Once submitted, you cannot edit your request. But you can message us with updates and attachments (for example, supporting evidence) in the application dashboard – see Making updates and sending messages (go to step 9).

What happens next?

We will review your request and evidence and tell you if it has been approved or declined. The time this takes depends on your circumstances and how many requests we have. Unfortunately, we cannot provide progress reports over the phone. However, we may also contact you if we need more information.

If your request is approved, you need to complete the application and submit it as soon as possible. You cannot submit it after the late application due date – see Key dates.

Step 2: How to submit your late application
  1. Log in to your application dashboard.
  2. Select the 3 dots in the 'Action' column, and then select 'Complete application'. This will take you into the application form.
  3. Complete all 8 sections — see Using the application website.
    Please note: Some of the details will be filled in from your late application request and will be greyed out and can’t be updated.
  4. When complete, select the 'Submit application' button.

After submitting, you can update some details in the application dashboard – refer to the different deadlines in the Key dates.

Adjustments for the test for students with disability

Parents of students with disability or medical conditions can request reasonable adjustments for the placement test. These are practical arrangements that support students to have fair access when taking the test.

Talk to your child about the benefits and challenges of selective education and address their questions and concerns

Ask your child’s teacher (or other staff who know them well) whether they think selective education will suit your child.

Apply for any required reasonable adjustments for disability or medical conditions.

Support your child to continue co-curricular activities, see friends, eat healthily and sleep well in the lead-up to the test.

Remind your child they only need to do a small amount of preparation for the placement test, and don’t need coaching.

Encourage your child to use the department's free resources to prepare for the test.

High school students working at desk holding a robotic device with male teacher High school students working at desk holding a robotic device with male teacher

Current selective high school and opportunity class students wanting to change schools

Opportunity class students

Students cannot automatically transfer to another opportunity class.

Selective high school students

Students cannot automatically transfer to another selective high school

If a current selective high school student wishes to change to another selective high school, an application for Years 8 to 12 must be submitted.

More information

For more information about the full placement policy and procedures for selective high schools and opportunity classes, visit:


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