Number of schools choices

  • Selective high schools — you can choose between 1 and 3 schools
  • Opportunity classes — you can choose between 1 and 2 schools

Making your school choices

In the application website, you must list your school choices in your order of preference.

  1. Under 'First choice' select the school you want the most.
  2. Under 'Second choice' select your next choice (optional).
  3. Under 'Third choice' select your next choice (optional and available only for selective high school applications).
  4. Select 'Save & continue'.

Screenshot image of the School selection page

Example screenshot Example screenshot
Image: Screenshot of the 'School selection' question in the application website (for selective high school–Year 7 entry)

How offers work

Parents are offered a place based on test performance and the order of their school choices.

The test performance needed to get an offer at each school is different. This is because it is based on the number of students who apply, their test performance and the number of places available at the school.

When initial outcomes are released:

  • Parents can get a placement offer from only one school.

    If your child’s test performance meets the levels needed for an offer from multiple schools, your offer will come from your higher choice school only. See 'Choosing schools – example scenarios' below.

Later offers from reserve lists

Students may be placed on a reserve list(s) for a higher-choice school(s) when outcomes are first released. If their position on the list is reached, they may get a later offer.

Learn more about offers and reserve lists at Outcomes.

The order of your school choices is important

This is because:

  • You cannot decline a placement offer to get a later offer from one of your lower-choice schools.
  • If you decline an offer from one of your lower-choice schools and you are on a reserve list for a higher-choice school(s), there is no guarantee that you will get a later offer from a reserve list.

So please choose the order of your schools carefully and select the school you want the most as your first-choice.

Do I get any advantage for choosing a school as my first choice?

Your child will be considered for all school choices based solely on their test performance. You will not be given any extra consideration for listing a school as your first choice.

Choosing schools – example scenarios

Changing your school choices

You can change your school choices after you submit your application – see 'last day to change school choices' in the Key dates). Log back into the application dashboard to change your choices.

You cannot change your school selections after the 'last day to change choices' date.

If you have experienced exceptional circumstances that might require a change after this date, please refer to the Selective high schools and opportunity classes placement procedures for more information and the evidence you need to submit for special consideration.

Need help deciding which schools to choose for your child?

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