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Location: This report can be found in the School Target Setting app

Data Sources: Attendance (ERN) and School Target Setting

Updated: Yearly

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Most reports within the School Dashboard app are viewable by principals and school leaders, Directors, Educational Leadership, and Executive Directors. The information displayed in each report will be specific to each respective user, i.e. school-based staff will only view results for their own school.


How can I use this report?

The report helps to compare current attendance rates with the agreed target rate. School leaders can use this report for an indication of progress towards meeting the school target.

What should I look for?

The report displays the baseline, target, and trajectory bounds overlayed with actual results year by year. The agreed targets and upper-lower bounds can be compared with actual percentages of students attending school at least 90% of the time. The trajectories are an indication of possible progress towards each target and intended as a guide only.

Image: Attendance report in Scout

Note: The calculation rules for system-negotiated targets are set externally to be consistent across all states. As a result, the attendance levels displayed in the School Dashboard (which relate to the targets) will differ from attendance levels displayed in the Scout Attendance and Engagement reports.

The definitions used for attendance targets can be viewed within the Measures Explained page in the School Dashboard.

Using the report

Make selections

Use the drop-down menu on the top left of the report to select a school. The report will then generate and display.

Image: Select a school using the slicer

View the charts

The chart represents the percentage of students attending the school 90% of the time or more (blue line). The baseline is displayed as the black dot. The lower and upper bounds of the agreed target and the calculated trajectories are displayed in red and green respectively.

Image: Student attendance 90 percent or more chart

Note on trajectories

The trajectories are an indication of possible progress towards each target and intended as a guide only. They are calculated using the total improvement required to meet the target and spreading this across the full timeframe. Actual progress might not be linear and may exceed the proposed trajectory or meet the target sooner than required.

Hover for details

Hovering over any colour dot on the chart will bring up a text box of information about that point.

Image: Hover for information - example

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