Staffing codes

Updating your staffing codes is essential. Your staffing codes indicate the subject/teaching areas in which you are qualified and/or willing to teach.

There are also staffing codes for related skills and experience in which you have demonstrated competence. In general, your staffing codes indicate your suitability to be matched for a vacant position.

If you have access to the Staff Portal, you can review the list of your staffing codes at any time. The list of all staffing codes may be viewed in Appendix 1 of the Staffing Procedure (staff only).

Generally, staffing codes for which you are eligible are entered when you are first approved to teach with us. Since then you may have gained new skills and knowledge through formal qualifications or teaching experience. Recognition of these qualifications, skills and experiences will assist in maximising your employment, transfer and promotion opportunities.

You should apply to update your staffing codes if you:

  • Are eligible for approval to teach in additional subject/teaching areas because of additional training. Applications for additional subject or teaching area codes should be accompanied by appropriate documentation such as academic transcripts and course outlines.
  • Have gained competence in any of the recognised skill and experience codes. Applications for additional skills and/or experiences codes need to be endorsed by your current school principal or Director, Educational Leadership.

Completed forms must be submitted via email with relevant documents (such as academic transcripts) attached to

To apply to update your staffing codes:

  • If you have access to the staff portal, you should submit your application for any 'willing to teach' subject codes, skills and experience codes or areas of responsibility codes through the My Skills option in the online transfer system for teachers. Your application will be forwarded to your principal for endorsement.
  • If you do not have access to the staff portal, or if you are seeking approval for additional subject codes based on academic study, you should complete the Application for additional staffing codes (PDF 0.06MB) form and email to, with relevant documents (such as academic transcripts).

Applying for additional subject approval on the basis of teaching experience

Approved teachers who have gained relevant experience in the following areas may be eligible for approval to teach in these areas:

To assess the likelihood of success of your application you need to review the Process for applying for additional subject approval on the basis of teaching experience (PDF 0.1MB).

Your application must be confirmed and endorsed by your principal before submitting for review. You will be notified in writing on the outcome of your application.

For further assistance, please call EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32.

Seeking eligibility for head teacher status

Teachers seeking eligibility for head teacher classification, are required to have completed a major study pattern in the subject area that they are applying for. This would also include the completion of relevant method and curriculum studies for Years 7-12 as well as a practicum placement.

The academic requirements for head teacher classification can be found in the Eligibility requirements for head teacher positions.

If it is determined that a teacher does not meet the academic requirements for Head Teacher classification, you can also apply for head teacher status via equivalence.

The equivalence application requires the teacher to demonstrate their experience in the subject area they are applying for. This would include details regarding any experience they have relieving in the head teacher role, professional development courses they’ve developed and delivered, departmental courses completed, participation in School Certificate and HSC marking and details of any other courses, certificates or diplomas in the relevant area.

Equivalence applications are reviewed by officers in the department’s Teacher Approvals unit and referred for assessment by the Head Teacher Qualifications Committee. The committee makes recommendations to the Director, School Recruitment and Placement and includes a representative of the NSW Teachers Federation and a current secondary school principal.

Teachers may apply for vacant advertised head teacher positions and also submit an application for eligibility for head teacher status based on qualifications or an assessment of equivalence.

Eligibility for appointment to head teacher positions will be confirmed by Teacher Approvals unit following a review of the teacher’s qualifications and/or application via head teacher equivalence.

For further assistance, please call EDConnect on 1300 32 32 32.

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