Appeals procedure

This information should be read in conjunction with Appendix 2 – Appeals Procedure of the Staffing Agreement 2024-2029.

An appeal must:

  • be lodged in writing to School Recruitment Operations, by email to, no later than 10 calendar days from the day on which the teacher is first notified (verbally or in writing) of being unsuccessful;
  • state clearly the applicant’s name and title of the position in question; and
  • state the grounds on which the applicant believes that the selection process was irregular or improper.

The appellant/s, recommended applicant and panel convenor will be contacted by an officer from School Recruitment Operations to advice an appeal has been lodged, and the next steps.

While all efforts are made to finalise appeals as soon as possible, all parties should be aware that such reviews may take some time.

All parties will be provided written advice of the outcome of the appeal.


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