Procedure for teacher vacancies being filled via a closed merit pool of applicants from the approved to teach or graduate employment list

Guidelines for classroom teacher (teacher) positions filled by a closed merit process of applicants from the approved to teach or graduate employment lists.

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The following procedures apply where a position is being filled by a closed merit pool of applicants from the approved to teach or graduate employment lists. In the case of the graduate employment closed merit, the list of applicants could result from the position being filled either from local choice or through central appointment.

Selection panel

Once approval has been received from School Workforce to form a selection panel, the principal, or nominee, forms a selection panel in accordance with the panel composition requirements for teacher positions in the procedure must be followed.

The closed merit pool of applicants

Where a school has requested a closed merit pool of applicants from the approved to teach, or graduate employment lists, School Workforce will:

  • identify all suitably qualified teachers on the appropriate list who match the specific criteria of the position and have indicated the school as a location preference and
  • send an email and SMS to those teachers advising there is a vacant position. The correspondence will include a link to the specific criteria.

Teachers on the appropriate list who wish to be considered for the position should access information about the position and specific selection criteria from the link provided. Teachers wishing to apply must do so by following the steps provided in the invitation email.

Applicants must apply through iWorkforNSW and their application must address the specific selection criteria and include the name, position titles and contact details of two referees, including mobile numbers if available. The application must be submitted before the closing date and time.

The closed merit pool of applicants

The consulting referee and shortlisting guidelines outlined in Part A of this procedure must be followed.

Applicants who are being actively considered by the selection panel to proceed to interview will have their two referees contacted as part of the shortlisting process.

As a minimum the panel convener and at least one other panel member nominated by the selection panel will contact referees. If all panel members are not present when the two referees are contacted, care must be taken to report the referees’ comments to the other panel members before the full panel decides to shortlist applicants for interview.

Note: For teacher vacancies filled through a closed merit recruitment process, there is no third referee to be contacted after interviews have been completed.

The panel convener submits the shortlist on iWorkforNSW which must include a summary of all the referee comments for each applicant to enable School Workforce to confirm the eligibility to proceed.

Interview process, post interview procedure and notifying applicants of the outcome of the selection process

The purpose of the interview is to verify, test and explore different aspects of the specific criteria for each applicant.

Note: The merit selection interview process must be followed.

The selection panel may recommend an applicant for appointment to the position, determine an eligibility list or not recommend any applicants for appointment to the position.

The selection panel should ensure that information from all stages of the selection process is considered in the assessment discussions, including the application, referee comments, and interview.

If applicants are not recommended for appointment, the selection panel must provide reasons on the online selection process outcome submission indicating why the applicants do not meet the selection criteria.

If none of the applicants are recommended for the position, the relevant manager School Workforce will advise the course of action to be taken.

Only the panel convener can provide feedback to applicants.

The iWorkforNSW help guide provides instructions on generating correspondences to all applicants.

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