Leadership and development programs

Our leadership and development programs support newly-appointed and aspiring school administrative managers and business managers.

Development program for new school administrative managers (SAMs)

Are you a new or relieving SAM in the first 12 months of your role?

The Development program for new SAMs is designed to support you with knowledge and skills key to your role.

By completing this program you will be able to:

  • Apply your increased knowledge of the role of the SAM
  • Introduce effective leadership strategies to support your team within the framework of the performance and development process
  • Identify relevant policies and procedures and apply them to your role
  • Navigate DoE resources and recognise the value of networking to support and optimise your performance in the SAM role

The program is delivered as six virtual networking sessions. To be eligible for this program, participants should be in their first 12 months of working in a school administrative manager (SAM) role. Participation must be supported by the school principal.

Future programs will be advertised on Staff Noticeboard and Yammer.

Leadership development for non-teaching staff

Are you a school leader or aspiring to be a school leader? This opportunity is for non-teaching staff leaders or aspiring leaders to take the next step in their career journey.

The ‘Introduction to leadership for non-teaching staff’ workshop supports non-teaching staff to develop their leadership expertise. This workshop will also be a pre-requisite for future leadership development workshops. The workshops will be delivered for groups of current non-teaching staff leaders - school administrative managers (SAMs) and business managers (BMs). Separate sessions will also be scheduled for those who are looking to move into a leadership role in the future.

With the aim of optimising performance and development in the workplace, the workshop will focus on topics such as emotional intelligence, situational leadership, supporting performance and growth, feedback and difficult conversations.

Future programs will be advertised on Staff Noticeboard and Yammer.

Please note:

  • participation in this program needs to be endorsed by your principal
  • there is no cost to participate in the program
  • the 'Introduction to leadership’ workshop is similar in content to the ‘leadership keynote’ workshop held as part of the non-teaching staff leadership program in 2021. Attendance at one of these workshops will also be accepted as the pre-requisite for future leadership development workshops.


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