Early Adopter Schools 2: second steps - resource

Covered in this illustration of practice:

The leaders of the Early Adopter Schools plan how to introduce the policy to their staff in ways meaningful to their school context. Scroll through this resource to find how the leaders surveyed their staff to identify areas of strengths and areas of need, and how these results informed next steps.

Examine each school’s key action and professional learning targets. Consider advice given and how you might identify with the challenges and successes for your context. See how leaders reflected on data to set measurable goals and explore the examples provided.

Early Adopter Schools second steps resource

Questions for professional learning

For school leaders:

  • During the familiarisation phase and using survey data, each Early Adopter School prioritised the specific needs of their staff and students. What policy statement points can you identify as important for your school?
  • As a school leadership team, construct a survey to evaluate the attitudes and practices of the teachers in your school around high potential and gifted education.
  • As a school leadership team, familiarise yourselves with the Evaluation and Planning Tool available on the HPGE web section with a view to using this resource as an integral part of your planning processes.


  • Teaching and learning


  • Evaluate
  • Implement

Business Unit:

  • Educational Standards
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