Supporting educators

All schools have high potential and gifted students. School leaders and teachers need to ensure that learning experiences meet the needs of these students.

Teaching and learning experiences should be supported by research into effective practices for facilitating high achievement and talent development. Optimal learning environments, where students feel supported and encouraged to achieve excellence in their learning, will ensure that all students including high potential and gifted students have the opportunity to achieve their best.

Professional learning is available to support leaders and teachers to implement the High Potential and Gifted Education Policy.

School leaders and teachers should design learning experiences that foster talent development across all domains of potential – intellectual, creative, social-emotional and physical.

5 key actions provide a framework for schools to support implementation of the policy.

5 key actions

  • Evaluate school procedures, programs and practices, and analyse student growth and achievement data to inform school planning and policy implementation.
  • Assess and identify the specific learning needs of all high potential, gifted and highly gifted students.
  • Implement evidence-based procedures, programs and practices that meet the learning and wellbeing needs of all high potential and gifted students and facilitate talent development.
  • Collaborate with families, school communities and the wider community to enhance growth and achievement for all high potential and gifted students.
  • Build teacher and leadership capacity through engagement with quality research and ongoing professional learning on effective practices to improve growth and achievement for all high potential and gifted students.
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