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The High Potential and Gifted Education (HPGE) Policy becomes mandatory for all NSW public schools P-12 on day 1, Term 1 2021. School leaders and teachers should familiarise themselves with the policy, engage with professional learning and plan for its implementation.

Latest news

A revised NESA Accreditation of Professional Development Courses Policy was announced by the Minister for Education on 29 November 2020, to take effect immediately.

NESA has introduced interim arrangements that will be in place until 31 July 2021. As a result, HPGE P-12 professional learning course accreditation may have changed.

For those in a school leadership role, the comprehensive support package available for DELs and PSLs to provide tailored support for principals and schools commencing implementation of the HPGE Policy has been updated with new content and a more user-friendly interface for 2021. Please contact your DEL/PSL for further information.

Tier 1 policy into practice – familiarisation and planning courses continue to be available. New sessions for the HPGE 2 day online leaders’ course are now scheduled on MyPL. The HPGE 5 hour online teachers course remains available in a self-paced module format. Both the online leaders and teachers courses are featured on the departments Priority Professional Learning Selector. The HPGE entrée course will also continue to be delivered by trained facilitators across the state throughout Term 1 and 2.

A 10-part video series for staff development day was released to illustrate the suite of support available for schools to commence implementation of the HPGE Policy. Further online professional learning is also available for the ‘Revisiting Gifted Education’ literature review and the ‘Differentiation Adjustment Tool’ (DLS version).

Joining the High Potential and Gifted Education P-12 Yammer group and state-wide staffroom will enable you to stay up-to-date with the most recent resources and announcements regarding professional learning, including the development of Tier 2 courses.

The High Potential and Gifted Education P-12 team


To support schools to effectively implement the policy, 4 tiers of professional learning over 4 years will be developed and delivered in alignment with the school planning cycle. Schools can access the professional learning tiers at varying rates due to differences in individual contexts, needs and school plans.

Courses available

Tier 1 Policy into practice - familiarisation and planning

Tier 1 professional learning courses range from 30 minutes to 2 days.

The school leaders (2 days) course is delivered online over 2 non-consecutive days by the HPGE team. Participants have mid and post course deliverables. The HPGE 5 hour teachers online course is the pre-requisite for the leaders course.

The Tier 1 online learning teachers' course consists of 12 self-paced online learning modules. A variety of responses and tasks are required as deliverables. The course is included the department’s curated list of quality professional learning in the Priority Professional Learning Selector.

The orientation entrée online course is delivered by HPGE professional learning facilitators. The 2.5 hour session provides a brief overview and orientation to the HPGE Policy, guiding principles, policy development and research on effective strategies.

  • 30-minute online teacher identified professional development for leaders and teachers
  • designed for those who are unable to attend the more comprehensive face-to-face options or would like to unpack some of the key concepts of the HPGE Policy.
  • HPGE Policy - unpacking high potential, gifted and highly gifted (NR26694)
  • HPGE Policy - guiding principles (NR26766)
  • HPGE Policy - talent development (NR26784)
  • HPGE Policy - 5 key actions (NR26785)
  • HPGE Policy – potential versus performance (NR28064)
  • HPGE Policy – why and how (NR28058)

These courses:

  • can be completed by individuals, groups or networks
  • unpack one key concept or principle in the High Potential and Gifted Education (HPGE) Policy
  • provide participants with reading, stimulus material and discussion questions.
  • NEW - contain a canapé chat video where the HPGE team and guests discuss the material covered


For more information about professional learning, contact the High Potential and Gifted Education P-12 team.

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