Everyday maths and road safety

Parents and carers can explore everyday activities to support their child’s mathematical skills and understandings and have conversations that reinforce being a safe road user.

Explore these activities to encourage everyday conversations about the importance of being a safe passenger, pedestrian, cyclist and future driver.

Link to activity Link to activity
Nature walk – Years K-2 Car cricket – Years 1-8
I-spy with 3D objects – Years 1-2 Creating schedules – Years 1-2
Scavenger hunt – Years 1-2 Navigate with a map – Years 5-6
Car trip playlist – Years 5-6 How to manage your time – Years 7-10
Tracking your activity – Years 7-10 Travel challenge – Years 9-10


  • Parents and carers


  • High school
  • Primary school

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  • Teaching Quality and Impact
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