Car cricket

Car cricket is a fun game to play when you are out and about. Runs are based on the colour of the cars you pass, with a red car getting a player out. There are many scoring variations based on different colour cars and vehicle sizes, and you can even make up your own.

Things you need

  • Kids on a car journey
  • Pencil and paper or spreadsheet

The challenge

Step 1

One person at a time is selected to 'bat', and they score 'runs' when certain cars are spotted. For cars to count as runs they must be moving and travelling in the opposite direction.

Step 2

  • White cars (and silver/grey) are worth one run
  • Black and coloured cars (excluding red) are worth two runs
  • Motorbikes are worth four runs
  • Buses are worth six runs
  • Red cars are a 'wicket' and get you out

Step 3

After everyone in the car has had a turn to bat, the person with the most runs wins. You may want to make a score limit so players have to retire if they make 100 runs.

The conversation

As you're playing the game, ask your child:

  • "Who was the unluckiest player today? Why?"
  • "If we played again, how could we change the rules to make the game different?"
  • "What strategies are you using to help keep track of your score?"

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