Mathematics – Multi-age – Year A – Unit 10

This unit develops understanding and skills of position and chance.

Mathematics K-2 Syllabus © 2021 NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) for and on behalf of the Crown in right of the State of New South Wales.

In this unit students will learn to:

  • give, describe, and compare the position of objects using positional language
  • give and follow directions to locations and from one location to another
  • describe and identify the position of numbers using structured materials and formations
  • recognise and describe the element of chance in events and games.
Representing whole numbers – MAO-WM-01, MAE-RWN-01, MAE-RWN-02
  • Instantly name the number of objects within small collections
  • Use the counting sequence of ones flexibly
  • Connect counting and numerals to quantities
Combining and separating quantities– MAO-WM-01, MAE-CSQ-01, MAE-CSQ-02
  • Model additive relations and compare quantities
  • Identify part–whole relationships in numbers up to 10
Forming groups – MAO-WM-01, MAE-FG-01, MAE-FG-02
  • Record grouping and sharing
Geometric measure – MAO-WM-01, MAE-GM-01, MAE-GM-02
  • Position: Describes position and movement of oneself
  • Length: Use direct and indirect comparisons to decide with is longer
Representing whole numbers – MAO-WM-01, MA1-RWN-01, MA1-RWN-02
  • Instantly name the number of objects within small collections
  • Represent the structure of groups of ten in whole numbers
  • Use counting sequences of ones and tens flexibly
Combining and separating quantities– MAO-WM-01, MA1-CSQ-01, MA1-CSQ-02
  • Recognise and recall number bonds up to 10
  • Use flexible strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems
Forming groups– MAO-WM-01, MAE-FG-01
  • Represent and explain multiplication as the combining of equal groups
Geometric measure – MAO-WM-01, MA1-GM-01, MA1-GM-02
  • Part A: Position: Follow directions to familiar location
  • Part A: Length: Measure the lengths of objects using formal and informal units
  • Part B: Position: Explore simple maths of familiar locations
Chance – MAO-WM-01, MA1-GM-01, MA1-GM-02
  • Part A: Identify and describe possible outcomes
  • Part B: Identify and describe the activities that involve chance

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