Effective reading in the early years of school

About effective reading in the early years of school

'Effective reading in the early years of schools is a suite of professional learning which provides K-2 teachers with an opportunity to explore the practical application of evidence based teaching of reading.

The professional learning opportunities are being developed as a companion to the CESE literature review 'Effective Reading Instruction in the Early Years of School' (2016), and will focus on exploring how phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and oral language are necessary for effective reading instruction.

This professional learning has options to engage as face-to-face learning or as online modules.


Use the links below for more information on the components of the 'Effective reading in the early years of school' professional learning. Resources include videos, audio and texts designed to develop an understanding of each concept and help you implement the teaching strategies in the classroom.

Additional resources will continue to be added to this page as they are developed.

Professional learning

The professional learning currently available includes:

These related resouces may help you make decisions about professional learning options for the Effective reading in the early years suite of learning.

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