Literacy in secondary schools

This does that - creating complex sentences

‘This does that' is a strategy that teachers can use to support their students' writing. Also known as the Seldon Method: Bubble Theory, the strategy can be used to explicitly teach students to explore texts and to create their own effective complex sentences.

The strategy can be used as part of a whole school writing strategy and is suitable for Stages 4, 5 or 6. The strategy improves students’ confidence in their ability to write and provides a tool to create complex sentences that reflect analysis and depth of thought.

Teachers can use the strategy with the Gradual Release of Responsibility model, which is a helpful framework to understand what explicit instruction can look like. This model is based on the understanding that, as we learn new content, the responsibility shifts from primarily sitting with the teacher as the model or expert, to the responsibility sitting with the student as they take on independence in their learning and application.

The "Seldon Method: Bubble Theory" video shows an application to teaching and learning in English, explaining how you can use the strategy in the classroom.

Seldon Method: Bubble Theory

Application of the strategy in other subject areas will be available soon.

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