Decodable texts

What are decodable texts?

Decodable texts contain a very large percentage of words that incorporate the letter-sound relationships that students have been taught. Decodable texts increase in complexity as the student learns more of the phonetic code.

A short explanation of the purpose of decodable texts.

Shannan Salvestro - NSW Department of Education Literacy Coordinator K-12

Decodable texts in the classroom

This series of videos explains the role of decodable texts in developing reading skills and provides classroom examples.

You get good at what you practise

Dr Deslea Konza explains that decodable texts give students an opportunity to practise their developing skills.

An example of a decodable text

Listen to this example of a decodable text.

A look at decodable texts

Exploring the features of decodable texts.

Using decodable texts in the classroom

Teachers talk about how they use decodable texts in their classrooms to practice the strategies that students are being taught.

Podcast - Listen on SoundCloud

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