Text-based protocols for leaders

Each ‘Unpacking the evidence base’ PowerPoint incorporates a text-based protocol to model their use in professional learning sessions. Leaders can choose to swap the suggested text-based protocol with another, as each PowerPoint can be adapted to suit both the school and professional learning context.

Text-based protocols can be downloaded to engage staff with the research base. Most of these activities are 30–60 minutes in length – ideal for team, faculty or staff meetings. For greatest success:

  • adapt for the purpose of the learning discussion and time constraints of your session
  • larger groups should be broken into groups of 6–8 staff so everyone can contribute
  • note taking should not occur to promote deep listening
  • establish norms to set the culture and tone for collaborative learning.

Text-based protocols

For something quick and a little less formal, try the core thinking routines from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education to support thinking and promote professional dialogue.


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