K-2 research toolkit

Use the K-2 research toolkit to promote professional conversations with staff about the evidence base to support effective curriculum implementation.

The toolkit supports leaders to unpack research articles (identified by NESA) with teachers, as key research underpinning the syllabuses. It includes a suite of ‘tools’ with clear focus areas that can be aligned with areas of need. Each tool includes:

  • research snapshots
  • ‘Unpacking the evidence base’ slideshow for each research snapshot.

The research snapshot and the Unpacking the research evidence base slideshow complement each other and are focused on the same research article. Schools might use these:

  • within whole-school professional learning sessions
  • in stage meetings
  • in professional learning groups.

The department will continue to develop and publish research snapshots and their accompanying ‘Unpacking the evidence base’ slide show as they are developed.

Research snapshot

Research snapshots give leaders an overview of a piece of research supporting the K-2 syllabus evidence base. Each research snapshot includes:

  • a focus area
  • research article reference and link
  • key points from the research article
  • suggested prompts for discussion and reflection.

Unpacking the evidence base slides

'Unpacking the research evidence base is a series of 4-9 slides to support schools to unpack the focus research article. Each slideshow includes:

  • a research article linked to a clear focus area
  • step-by-step slides with supporting notes to talk to within professional learning
  • text-based protocols – thinking creatively and critically through text-based protocols are ways to engage in quick but thoughtful dialogue around provocative ideas based on the evidence base. These are also helpful in preparing for a larger group conversation and future work around common practice.
  • discussion questions from the research snapshot
  • call to action to reflect high impact professional learning (HIPL).

Research base

The evidence base for this resource is:

Alignment to system priorities and/or needs – School Excellence Policy, School Excellence Procedure

Alignment to School Excellence Framework – ‘Instructional leadership’ and ‘High expectations culture’ elements in the Leading domain as well as the ‘Learning and development’ and ‘Collaborative practices and feedback’ elements of the Teaching domain.

Alignment with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers – 6.2.4 and 6.3.4

Consulted with – Literacy and Numeracy team and Principal School Leadership representatives

Reviewed by – CEYPL Director and CSL Director

Created or last updated – 28 February 2022

To be reviewed – December 2022


Email questions, comments and feedback about this resource to contactcurriculumreform@det.nsw.edu.au using the subject line ‘Re K-2 research toolkits’.


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  • Educational Standards
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