Leading curriculum implementation research toolkit

Lead professional conversations about effective curriculum implementation practices and change management in your school or professional learning network.

Research tools

Each tool includes a research article, a snapshot of the research, and professional learning and reflection prompts.

Text-based protocols and core thinking routines can be used alongside the research snapshot to develop professional learning activities that will foster discussion and build collective understanding of effective approaches to curriculum implementation.

Text based protocols

Text-based protocols and core thinking routines can be downloaded to engage staff with the research base. Most of these activities are 30–60 minutes in length – ideal for team, faculty or staff meetings. For greatest success:

  • adapt for the purpose of the learning discussion and time constraints of your session
  • larger groups should be broken into groups of 6-8 staff so everyone can contribute
  • establish norms to set the culture and tone for collaborative learning


  • Teaching and learning

Business Unit:

  • Educational Standards
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