HSC Music 2 – [A]part 1 by Ellen Kirkwood

This HSC Music 2 resource explores the work '[A]part 1' (2017) by Australian composer Ellen Kirkwood.

It is written for Sirens Big Band and soloists Gian Slater, Sandy Evans and Andrea Keller. This work is Kirkwood’s response to growing issues in a rapidly changing world such as the wonder and malignance of the internet, the refugee crisis, greed, and climate change.

This resource focuses on part 1 of the work which is titled ‘[A]part 1 – The Internet: wonder and malignance’. The activities contained in the resource provide students with opportunities to explore the musical concepts and compositional techniques that Kirkwood has utilised to represent the context of the work.


Please note that this video does not contain any visual components or spoken words.

Listen to '[A]part 1 – The Internet: wonder and malignance' (11:44).

Sirens Big Band perform [A]part 1 (no lyrics)


  • Music 2
  • Stage 6

Business Unit:

  • Curriculum and Reform
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