Transition Adviser Training

The Transition Adviser is a teacher identified by the Principal, who agrees to undertake the Department’s training. The Transition Adviser supports students with identified needs to plan their transition through and from school.

Schools wishing to participate in the Transition Adviser Training commit to the following 3 conditions:

  1. their capacity and commitment to allocate adequate time to facilitate the role for two years for no less than 0.4 FTE non-teaching time for a secondary school
  2. a willingness to establish or maintain and support a School to Work team; and
  3. a willingness to participate in on-going evaluation of the Transition Adviser role for two years.

Transition advisers support the school in ensuring that all students are known, valued and have the opportunity to engage in activities and programs to prepare them for successful transitions to further education, training or employment. Transition advisers acknowledge that all NSW public school students have a right to an inclusive learning environment and to feel happy and safe at school.

The transition advisers collaborate with local community, industry organisations and government agencies to deliver and support innovative and engaging programs that meet the needs and aspirations of the school’s identified groups of students.

The transition adviser and career adviser roles are complementary.

Transition Adviser Guidelines


  • Professional learning

Business Unit:

  • Education and Skills Reform
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