PBL Tier 2 Targeted support

This NESA accredited course focuses on flexible, continuously available early interventions for students who need additional support to reduce inappropriate behaviour before it becomes chronic. This aims to reduce the occurrences of inappropriate behaviours, encourage positive behaviour and teach social and emotional skills. Intervention strategies address academic supports, behavioural, and social/emotional competencies to reengage students in learning.

By the end of the e-Learning school teams will be able to identify students at risk of difficulties; prevent the development or decrease the frequency and/or intensity of inappropriate student behaviours; implement evidence-based behaviour, social and emotional skill interventions that support student needs using function-based assessment (FBA) focussing on small group interventions; and use data for decision making and to monitor progress.

Access: PBL Tier 2 Targeted Systems of Support


  • DoE

Business Unit:

  • Inclusion and Wellbeing
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