Building Effective Learning and Support Teams

Learning and support is offered in all public schools in New South Wales. There are many different ways a school can establish and implement learning and support, within their unique context.

This NESA accredited course explores effective systems and practices for school learning and support teams. It will assist schools to self-evaluate and improve their learning and support team practices and processes.

This course is divided into five modules.

Module 1 Introduction and context - overview of the Building effective learning and support teams professional eLearning and legislation, frameworks and policy in Australia that underpin and impact on students with additional learning and support needs.

Module 2 Setting the scene - underpinning information on the learning and support framework and functions, inclusive education and reasonable adjustments.

Module 3 Evaluating a Learning and support team - structured guidance to school teams to self-evaluate their current learning and support team practices and processes and develop an action plan for future improvement. The self-evaluation process involves 4 phases: plan, collect data, analyse data and develop an action plan.

Module 4 Planning cycle frameworks, systems and processes - description of a six stage learning and support planning cycle and resources available to support this. The module also provides structured guidance for school learning and support team staff to identify and plan for key events and times in a school year. It also describes school and class wide supports that can meet the needs of students prior to learning and support team involvement. This will be done through the lens of tiered support and includes universal design for learning and quality teaching practice.

Module 5 Leading learning and support - description of the role school leaders play in developing effective learning and support team to meet the needs of all students. This module is designed for principals and executive staff.

To maximize your learning, we recommend that you complete the modules chronologically in the order in which they are presented, but they can be completed out of order if this is a better fit for your school needs.

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  • Student management and wellbeing

Business Unit:

  • Inclusion and Wellbeing
  • Teaching, Learning and Student Wellbeing
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