Late application requests

There is an opportunity to request approval to make a late application for placement in an opportunity class if you missed the application deadline.

Late application requests can be made up until 21 June 2021. It will not be possible to lodge a late request after this date.

Am I eligible to make a late request?

The only circumstances under which a late application can be accepted are:

  • When parents are applying for placement of their children in opportunity classes where there may be a shortage of suitable applicants, either for some rural schools or for a few metropolitan schools. The choices are locked for those applicants and they cannot be considered for other opportunity classes even if they move their residence.
  • Where both parents/carers have documentary evidence to support a claim that circumstances beyond their control prevented them from completing an application.

How do I make a late request?

If you've missed the application window and you think you meet the grounds for a late application, click + Create late application request, located on your opportunity class application dashboard and submit the request.

2. Add student details, add school selections and provide grounds for consideration, then click Submit request.

3. The High Performing Students Team will review your request and may contact you or send you a message if further information is required.

How do I send or reply to messages about the request?

To send a message, click + New message. Complete the fields, then click Send. The High Performing Students Team will review your message and respond to you within 21 days.

Any new messages from the High Performing Students Team will show under Messages. You can read a new message and depending on the type of message, you can reply to it.

Can I add supporting evidence to my late request?

Yes, you can attach supporting evidence to the late application request, or send it in a message to the High Performing Students Team.

Can I edit my late request after it has been submitted?

No, you can’t edit a late application request once it is submitted. You can send updates and additional information as a message to the High Performing Students Team.

My request has been approved. What now?

You need to complete the application and submit it within a week of the approval.

1. From the action menu, select Complete application. This will take you into the application form.

2. Complete all eight sections of your opportunity class application.

Please note: Some of the details will be filled in from your late application request and some of these fields will be greyed out and can’t be updated or changed. You will need to complete all the other fields on the application form.

3. Submit your application.

How long does it take to receive an outcome?

The time taken to reach a decision depends upon the circumstances and supporting evidence provided.

The High Performing Students Team will contact you if further information is required or when the outcome is determined.

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