Student research

Students aren't always aware they need to prepare themselves for a meaningful and rewarding life. Find out what drives them as they progress from birth, through kindergarten and on to Year 12.


This research was carried out by Tricky Jigsaw and provides an understanding of the core goals and needs of students from ages 0-18 and their carers.

It helps us have a better understanding of their journey so we can deliver products, services and touchpoints that meet their needs and prepare them for rewarding lives.

See Student insights and overview (PDF 2143.58KB).

Student and carer journey

The student journey, which will be a source of truth for new customer-focused projects and initiatives, comes in two versions:

The documents are also available in their original form (PDF):

Note: For full functionality, open these documents in Adobe Acrobat after you've downloaded them to your device.

Use the Student journey cheatsheet to understand the key elements of both PDF versions.

Student jobs to be done

The jobs-to-be-done philosophy sits at the heart of the department's Digital Customer Experience Strategy (PDF 11998.1KB). It reframes business problems into customer needs by understanding what jobs customers are trying to get done.

By focusing on outcomes rather than what students use to achieve them, it can lead to more innovative thinking and better design. These student jobs to be done show what they're trying to achieve at different stages of their education lifecycle:

Use jobs to be done in your project

Initiate and guide projects

Ideate to create value

Make sure you meet customer needs

  • Find out what customer impact your product or service is having with the progress scorecard.
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