Project brief canvas

Set a clear direction by documenting the foundation of a project. This should be used when mapping a project to a job to be done.


The project brief canvas helps communicate the key aspects of a project for the team and stakeholders. It aligns the team to ensure that the student or teacher’s outcomes are front and centre.

What you'll need

What you'll do

Fill in the following information on the project brief canvas:

  • Name of project: A name helps generate team and stakeholder support and motivates project ownership.
  • Project description: How does the project work?
  • Jobs the project addresses: What are the key jobs it addresses?
  • Customer impact: What impact will the project have on the target audience? What are the blockers and drivers?
  • Delivery: What is the timeframe?
  • Cost: This may include headcount or budget.
  • Project owner: Who is running the initiative?

For the job the project addresses and customer impact, refer to mapping a project to a job to be done.

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