Progress scoreboard

Use the progress scorecard to evaluate how much a project contributes to better support jobs to be done.


Ensuring projects make schools the best place to work or better prepare young people for a rewarding future is essential for achieving the department’s vision. Find out what impact your project is having with the progress scorecard.

What you'll need

  • Time: 30-90 minutes
  • People: Project owner and team
  • Material: Jobs to be done, blockers, drivers, pens, sticky notes, print-out of the progress scorecard (PDF 75.9KB).

Step 1

Review the project brief canvas. If none is available, map the project or solution to the job to be done.

Step 2

Based on the information, refer to the teacher career journey and identify:

  • drivers it will strengthen
  • blockers it will address.

Fill in the progress scorecard with the job to be done, blockers and drivers, and explanation.

Step 3

Individually or with the team, score the importance of the blockers and drivers. Then score the potential impact of the project. The Wideband Delphi approach can be used if working in a team environment.

Step 4

Use the progress scorecard to identify ways to strengthen the impact of the project or to compare two projects or options.

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