How might we questions

This team exercise shows you how to frame your challenge as a question so you're more likely to find an innovative solution.


We use the How might we format because it suggests a solution is possible and provides an opportunity that it can be achieved in a number of ways.

What you'll need

  • Time: 30-90 minutes
  • People: Project owner and team
  • Material: Jobs to be done, blockers, drivers, pens, sticky notes

Step 1

Select the jobs to be done, blockers and drivers to focus on. This may require a short prioritisation or more in-depth quantitative study. The highest-priority blockers and drivers should be presented at the top of the list.

Step 2

Rephrase them as questions by following these guidelines:

  • How might we alleviate [blocker] to help teachers [job to be done]?
  • How might we [driver] to help teachers [job to be done]?
  • How might we [job to be done] to help teachers [overarching job to be done]?

The goal is to create opportunities so suggesting several How might we questions is recommended.

Step 3

Ensure your How might we question is broad enough to allow for a variety of solutions. The ideal question will provide a narrow enough framework to start your brainstorm, as well as enough room to explore a range of ideas.

Step 4

Select an ideation method suitable to your project and stage.

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