Customer Experience Research Library

Use this library to explore our customer experience research.

What is the customer experience?

Whatever we're designing – a product, service or project – we consider the experience of everyone who will interact with it and consult them throughout the process. We do this in an agile environment using the jobs-to-be-done methodology and human-centred design.

Human-centred design

Human-centred design is a creative approach to problem solving. It involves at least three phases:


Where we learn from the people we're designing for by immersing ourselves in their lives to deeply understand their needs.


Where we make sense of what we learned, create ideas for innovative solutions, and test them with our customers.


This is about bringing the product or service to life and rolling it out. And because we kept our customers at the heart of the process, we know our solution will be a success.

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Jobs to be done

The jobs-to-be-done model gives us another way of looking at a product or service we're designing.

If we understand what jobs customers are trying to get done, we can gain a deeper understanding of their needs. This can lead to more innovative thinking and better design.

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Who are our customers?

Children and young people are at the centre of our decision making. This means we design products and services with student needs at the front and centre.

It's important our products and services also empower the people who support them, such as parents and carers, teachers, principals, school administration and corporate staff.

Next steps

Define who your customers are. Now explore the related area of research to help you know them better:


  • Education support operations

Business Unit:

  • Communication and Engagement
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