Map a project to a job to be done

This team exercise shows you how to map a project to a job. By doing this, you ensure teachers are focused on the outcomes for themselves and students.


Every project, system, product or service teachers tackle should support a job to be done. This will serve as a compass for the project and align the team.

What you'll need

  • Time: 30 minutes
  • People: Project owner and team
  • Material: Research from the journey and jobs to be done, project brief canvas

Step 1

Select the jobs to be done, blockers and drivers to focus on. This may require some prioritisation or more in-depth quantitative study. The highest-priority blockers and drivers should be presented at the top of the list.

Step 2

Select the job(s) that this project, system, product or service supports. To guide selection, the jobs to be done will have some tasks. It is likely that the system, product or service will support (or replace) some tasks.

Some jobs are similar across the various phases, so you can select one or more across the journey.

Step 3

Once you've selected a job to be done, identify key blockers and drivers relevant to the project, system, product or service.

For an existing project or solution, identify:

  • drivers it supports well
  • blockers it addresses
  • blockers it could support better in the future.

For a new project or solution, identify:

  • drivers it will strengthen
  • blockers it will address.

Step 4

Discuss with the team and firm your decision in the project brief canvas.

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