Unpaid invoices

This report is provided by EDConnect and is part of the suite of EDConnect operational reports available via Scout.

The unpaid invoices report shows the snapshot view of all unpaid invoices, their correlating monetary value, and each invoices’ current progress within the overall invoice process.

Principals are able to view unpaid invoices in their school. Executive Directors and Directors, Educational Leadership (DELs) can view all schools within their Principal Network.

How will this report benefit me?

This report helps to track the progress of an unpaid invoice. It will provide insight into to potential causes for delays and will provide a high-level view of the money spent, but not reflected in your budget (review the Invoice requires PO and Invoice Requires Confirmation filters).

What does the report provide?

This two page report provides:

  • Invoices by $ Value and Processing Time.
  • Invoices that are for payment within, not within or about to exceed the payment terms. The number of unpaid invoices and value of unpaid invoices.
  • The average days for invoice payment based on Invoice date vs. EDConnect Received date.
  • The invoices that are below $5000 that could be considered for a PCard purchase.

How can I use the report to support my school?

Ideally, a school would want to see the invoices progress through the invoice process and ready to be paid within the 30-day period (green and yellow shaded area).

The schools assessment would need to include an analysis of those in the red shaded area.

Potential causes for the invoices to be in red shaded area are:

  • High number for avg. unpaid days from invoice date. This means there were delays for EDConnect to receive the invoices;
  • The invoice is in a staff member’s task list awaiting action;
  • The purchase order (PO) was raised after the invoice was issued; or
  • An exception with accounts payable for investigation.

What should I look for?

Refer to the different process steps in the report and track the status of the invoices based on the process step. (Hover over an icon or go into the list view for further information)

Where does this data come from?

SAP Finance

How frequently is data updated?


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