PCard Utilisation


This report is provided by EDConnect and is part of the suite of EDConnect operational reports available via Scout.


The PCard Utilisation Report summarises data of PCard usage for staff at a school.

Principals are able to view PCard usage in their school. Executive Directors and Directors, Educational Leadership (DELs) can also view all schools within their area of responsibility.

How will this report benefit me?

This report provides users with greater visibility on which staff are using their PCard.

The report provides users with the ability to highlight cardholders who have high or low utilisation of their PCards.

The report shows where cards may be underutilised and show opportunities for greater PCard use in order to gain purchasing efficiencies.

What does the report provide?

The report provides an overview of:

  • Individual cardholders’ spending trends, as well as the spend overview and use of PCards for the school for each month.
  • Actual Spend, Monthly Limit, Highest Transaction and Transaction for each employee.
  • Usage trends – which staff are utilising the card and opportunities for increases in the number of cards or transaction volumes on existing cards.
  • Numbers of Unacquitted Transactions and the school or cardholder’s average time taken to acquit.

How can I use the report/ what should I look for?

  • Identify if PCards are being used effectively to maximise the benefit and gain the efficiencies associated with using PCards for low value/ high volume purchases.
  • Review whether the right staff have a PCard or have an appropriate limit for their PCard considering the purchasing requirements of their role.
  • Identify the reasons for underutilised PCards.

Where does this data come from?

Expense 8

How frequently is data updated?


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