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Data Sources: SAP Finance, EdBuy
Updated: Daily (refreshed at the end of each day)

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The Commitments report provides schools with an integrated view of all orders that have a commitment value or if the invoice is still being processed. It is found within the Finance (Schools) app for school leaders, SAMs and BMs.


How can I use this report?

This report allows users to view their commitments instead of using the School PO/ Commitment Details report in SAP (which does not currently include EdBuy). Information from SAP and EdBuy is combined in this report so users can reconcile the account balances for the portions of commitments missing in SAP.

What should I look for?

A table of all purchase order details is included with a summary of values and a comparison chart. The columns in the table can be sorted (by name or value) and the report can be filtered by vendor name.

Image: Overview of the commitments report

Note: Purchases made with PCards are excluded as they fall under the separate acquittal process.

Using the report

Select results with slicers

The slicers allow selections to be made in order for the desired information to be displayed in the chart and tables.

For all of the slicers, a blank selection will be treated in the same way as selecting all of the options for that slicer. For example, not selecting a school will display the results of all schools the user has access to.

Image: The selection slicers

Note: The Year slicer will select all items from a calendar year as determined by the Approval Date.

View the charts

Your selections will automatically be applied to the charts available on this report.


The summary values give an immediate view to the totals of Purchase Order, Commitment, To be Delivered and To be Invoiced values.

Image: Example of summary values

These match the totals of the corresponding columns in the table and will update when different selections are made in the slicers or when individual lines are highlighted on the table.

Values comparison graph

These values are also represented in the bar graph in the top right of the report, along with the colour code legend:

Image: Example of the comparison graph

Purchase order and commitment details

The table across the bottom of the report includes all details for each purchase order, with each line item as a row of the table. Use the scroll bar to see all columns in the table:

Image: Example of commitment details table

A line item is included in this table if either the Commitment value is greater than 0 or the To Be Invoiced value is greater than 0.

In the case of orders that have been split between different internal order numbers, the line item is shown for each internal order number with the portion of the split as per the order.

Each line of the table is interactive and the rest of the report is responsive. Select one item of interest and the other visuals will update automatically to reflect this selection as a highlighted value:

Image: Example of cross highlighting

Other tips:

Selecting this again or selecting the white background will remove the highlight.

Multiple lines can be selected by holding CTRL + selecting.

Sort columns (by value or name) by selecting the header

Export the results

The information from within this report can be exported easily. Hover over a chart or table and select the ‘More options’ ellipsis icon once it appears. Then select ‘Export data’.

This will bring a confirmation box to download the current names in the table as spreadsheet for editing and printing.

Image: Export data

Reset to default

If you wish to remove selections you have made and return to the initial view, select ‘Reset to default’ from the top right of the window:

Image: Reset to default

Need further help?

  • Other guides are available in the Digital Learning Centre.
  • If you are having difficulty with access to a Scout App or report, please contact Support.


  • School operations

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  • Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
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