Official Enrolment Census

The Official Enrolment Census report provides a high-level view of school enrolment numbers across the years.

Executive Directors and Directors of public schools can view all schools within their principal network.

How will this report benefit me?

The Official Enrolment Census report provides insight into trends and any significant shifts in student movements in a school or network. It also provides enrolment information for Intensive English Centres and/or any support units in a school, such as Autism and Physical Disability.

What does the Official Enrolment Census report provide?

This one-page report presents information on:

Enrolment Numbers by Scholastic Year

  • This column chart displays enrolment numbers at a school by scholastic and calendar year. For each scholastic year, e.g. Year 7, the number of students in each of the last six calendar years is shown.

Use the following slicers to filter and analyse the data:

  • Executive Director Group
  • Network
  • School
  • School Type
  • Gender
  • Aboriginal - The term Aboriginal used in this data set refers to and includes both Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples. In NSW the preferred term is Aboriginal, rather than Indigenous or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • Delivery Method
  • Enrolment Type - This slicer provides information on special enrolment types, for example, Intensive English, Disability, Opportunity Class, etc. As this field is optional for schools, many schools will not have any data when this slicer is selected. The same category may be used in different ways by different schools to support their data collection.

How can I use the Official Enrolment Census report to support my school self-assessment?

Schools can use this report to monitor enrolment trends at their school. This will allow them to plan for expected changes in their enrolments in future.

Schools can also use this report to support their data collection strategies by comparing official ERN enrolment numbers with enrolment numbers held in other sources.

What should I look for?

The chart provides information on the enrolment trends in a school for the past seven years.

Where does this data come from?


How frequently is data updated?

Annually. The official enrolment census is the enrolment at the school as of 31 August in each calendar year. The data is loaded into Scout towards the end of the year.

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