Term 1 update: HSC results

Term 1 update: HSC results

A number of new reports are now available in Scout, including HSC and Best Start Year 7 results.

New Scout reports

  • HSC reports: 2018 HSC results are available in the new HSC app on the dashboard. The update includes two new reports - Average Difference from State and School vs State – Within School Analysis (SSWS).
  • VALID 2018 results. Schools that completed Year 6, 8 and Year 10 VALID in 2018 can access their results in the VALID Performance app.
  • Best Start Year 7 results: Assessment reports for participating schools are available now. Note: from Week 3, assessment reports will be available two working days after an assessment is completed.
  • HR Recruitment Customer report: This report allows principals to view the progress of recruitment requests. Available in the Employees app.

Remember to check the Scout access page for up-to-date information on all reports.


Training for leadership teams and teachers is available throughout Term 1, including face-to-face and Adobe Connect sessions. Leadership teams are also invited to attend an open workshop in the Department’s Parramatta office. View the training schedule

Need help?

Contact members of your school leadership team who may already be Scout users, or view our FAQs

For technical assistance in accessing Scout, contact the user support team: 1300 790 844 or scout.support@det.nsw.edu.au.



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