New and renewed Scout reports

New and renewed Scout reports

Scout now has updated information available about Human Resources, ATAR and SEF Self Assessment.

A number of new and renewed reports are now available.

ATAR Results from 2017 and 2018

The ATAR Bands Across Years report now includes 2017 and 2018 student ATAR data. The report provides a snapshot of the school’s ATAR outcomes over years broken down into ATAR bands. Information is available at a school level. To view this report, visit the HSC app.

Human Resources (schools) app (formerly - Employees app)

Reports about our employees are now available in Scout. Significant work was required following the migration to SAP Payroll. Principals, Deputy Principals and Business Managers can access the following reports via the Human Resources (schools) app:

  • Current Staff Profile
  • Leave Patterns
  • Employee Mobility
  • Workforce Composition
  • Subjects Accredited to Teach
  • Professional Development
  • Accreditation
  • Workforce Diversity

These reports allow you to plan for the school’s global staffing matrix and establish parameters for the school timetable. They also provide you with the ability to monitor staff professional learning hours, to meet the requirements for maintenance of accreditation. A number of these reports will also enable you to undertake staffing analysis, to inform future recruitment decisions.

We have worked to integrate the historical data with new data from SAP, to provide meaningful trends. In a small number of cases, complete alignment was not possible, which results in some unexpected trend behaviours in October 2018. Please use trends over this period with care.

Updated SEF Self Assessment report

The SEF Self Assessment report provides a detailed view of performance across the Learning, Teaching and Leading domains over a three-year period. The report is now available in the School Dashboard App.

How to gain access to Scout

To gain access to Scout you must complete the mandatory online Scout Introduction module in MyPL. Please allow two business days to receive access.

Need help?

For further information about Scout, professional learning options and help guides, please visit Further Learning.

To gain a better understanding of Scout and the available reports, training workshops are available for principals, executives and teachers. View the Training Schedule.

For technical assistance, visit Support or call 1300 790 844.



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