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The revised PL Policy for Teachers and School Staff launched by former Secretary Mark Scott and guests (Published Jan 2021)

Activity Description

Activities available on this page support Principals to introduce schools to the Professional Learning for Teachers and School Staff Policy, which is mandatory from 2021.​

The activities relating to the whole school could be used on a School Development Day while the more specialised parts could be facilitated in sessions either on a School Development Day or another appropriate time.​

Each of the activities are designed for staff to familiarise themselves with the policy and its underlying principles and approaches. In each, the collection of feedback and ideas is encouraged as a first step in gathering the information that will inform future action.


Watch the video message (from 5:56) above from Secretary Mark Scott (from Day 1 2021) launching the revised PL Policy for Teachers and School Staff.

Download the Introduction to the PL Policy PowerPoint presentation which contains detailed facilitation notes and reflection activities for each of the staff groups outlined below.

This resource has been designed to be used flexibly in each school context.​

Session 1: General introduction to the Professional Learning for Teachers and School Staff Policy

Audience - All school staff

Purpose - opportunity to view and reflect on the video message from the Secretary about the new professional learning policy. It asks staff to consider how this might impact the school's approach to professional learning or influence their own professional learning practice.

Instructions: Watch the video message from Secretary Mark Scott and work through slides 1-2 in the PowerPoint presentation above.

Session 2: Orientation for school leaders and their teaching teams

Audience - faculty, stage or other teams as appropriate at the school

Purpose: teaching teams explore the High Impact Professional Learning support website and consider how the implementation of the policy impacts/influences professional learning practice in the school. The session is designed for leaders to facilitate with their teaching teams (faculty, stage or other groupings as appropriate). It could also be relevant for some non-teaching roles such as School Learning Support Officers or other paraprofessionals working in in collaboration with teachers.​

Instructions: Access slides 3-8 in the PowerPoint presentation above

Session 3: Introducing the School professional learning self-assessment tool

Audience: Principals and school leadership teams

Purpose: An introduction to the School professional learning self-assessment tool as an optional support for principals and leadership teams to assist in building consistency in professional learning practice in schools.

Instructions: access slides 9-14 in the PowerPoint presentation above.

Session 4: Building the capabilities of non-teaching staff

Audience: School Administration and other non-teaching staff

Purpose: Explores approaches to professional learning outlined in the policy to support capability development – this may include mandatory training, and professional learning that supports both teaching and non-teaching staff in performing the responsibilities of their roles outside of the classroom. The session is designed for SAMs and non-teaching staff.​ It might be led by the SAM, principal or someone delegated by the principal.

Instructions: Access slides 15-19 of the PowerPoint presentation above


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