What is photovoice?

Photovoice is an evaluation strategy used to engage research participants in identifying change. It can empower students to provide feedback and see the impact of their views on school practices.

Photovoice is a tool often used in forms of action research. In that context, it asks participants in a research process to use photographs, images or other visual material to represent their experiences of the research. In an evaluation context, it allows those groups and individuals who have been part of a project to have a voice in the evaluation of that project through presenting images representing a particular part of the process.

In a school or classroom context, Photovoice can be used when seeking the views of students about processes they have been engaged in. Like other forms of participatory evaluation, Photovoice can build capability and empower those who otherwise simply remain subjects of the evaluation. In schools, students engaging in evaluation through a process like Photovoice is itself a learning exercise.

How much time will this take?

Discussion sessions of 30-45 mins with students reflecting on the photos pre-, during and post-implementation of professional learning.

Who should use Photovoice?

Classroom teachers and school leaders.

Access the tool

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