Year 3 and 4 support resources

The following documents contain advice for parents on how to use each of the webpages as a resource to support your child while they are learning at home.

Free resources

The following resources are free to use. Some offer the option to login.

Audience: K-12

Equivalent to the ABC Education website this resource has videos, games and content supporting all learners in all subjects.

Parent resource for BBC Bitesize

Audience: K-12

US site focused on making reading fun. Contains videos, reading activities and craft projects.

Parent resource for KidLit TV

Audience: K-12

Teaching ideas and resources for a wide range of topics. If you register you are able to download activities but the site is free to use and you do not have to create a login.

Parent resource for National Geographic – Kids

Audience: K-6

Free e-books, activites and games to support the development of litercay and numeracy skills. UK site so advice on curriculum is not accurate.

Parent resource for Oxford Owl

Audience: K-6

Site written for students to explore and interact with. In the For grownups section there are downloadable worksheets and support for the hands on activities.

Parent resource for San Diego Zoo

Audience: K-6

Literacy focused website containing video of quality texts read aloud by actors. Teacher created activities are associated with each video but some also have a parent activity guide.

Parent resource for Storyline Online

Audience: K-6

Access the free activity books by visiting the Learning form home section of this commercial website.

Parent resource for TTS School Supplies – Activity books

Audience: K-3

Extensive collection of free readers, videos, flash cards and poetry. Books are graded into levels that can be used to select appropriate texts for your child.

US site so some content is American.

There is a subscription section to the site that contains more resources but you do not have to login in to get access to the free content.

Parent resource for Wilbooks

Audience: 3-12

Virtual tours of art museum that allows children to explore art works up close. Grat tools for inspiring creative arts projects.

Parent resource for Van Gogh Museum

Mix of free and paid resources

The following resources will either contain advertising, ask you to create an account, and or contain a list of links to sites, only some of which are free.

Audience: K-6

A collection of links to websites and software that support learning at home for students with additional needs. Some sites may not work outside of the UK and some links may lead to paid resources.

Parent resource for ALN Home School

Audience: K-8

Lots of fun games, videos and digital books tha support literacy and numeracy skills. Site contains advertising.

Parent resource for Fun Brain online games

Audience: 1-6

Interactive games, puzzles and infomration about a range of topics. Includes podcast content.

US site so some Amercian content.

Contains advertising.

Parent resource for Highlights Kids

Audience: K-12

This website contains a huge collection of resources made by and for teachers. Resources are seachable via catergory of special need as well as by topic area. The website contains advertising.

Parent resource for SEN Teacher

Audience: K-6

Indian website containing thousands of books, with over 4000 English ones. Each book is categorised into levels making it easy to choose a suitable text. You can also use it to create your own texts.

Books can be downloaded into an off-line library.

You will need to create an account.

Parent resource for Storyweaver

Audience: K-12

Huge site full of resources for every subject area and year group. Mostly UK curriculum.

You cannot access the resources without creating a login. Many resources require you to pay in order to download but some are free.

Parent resource for TES Resources

Audience: K-4

Games that support skills practise. UK content that is not aligned to NSW curriculum.

Requires you to create an account. Currently free but may require subscription in the future.

Parent resource for themathsfactor

Audience: K-6

This page on the Weareteachers website contains a recent lis of authors who are reading their book and or doing opnline video activities for children during the COVID 19 period.

The website contains advertising and the links to authors content may be links to their social media accounts.

Parent resource for WeAreTeachers


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