Using public data in Stage 3 and 4

Workshop on how to describe and interpret data using publicly available data sets.

Workshop abstract

Data Analysis is an essential skill for students and is a feature of many syllabuses K-12 including the Technology Mandatory syllabus. Cloud based computing has exponentially increased the amount of data generated and stored on the Internet. Governments and organisations have adopted policies for the transparency and public access to a variety of datasets. This session explores public datasets that are relevant to student interests and the tools available to interpret this data to make informed decisions.


Stephen Clayton
TAS 7-12 Consultant

Laura Profilio
TAS Curriculum Officer

Pets in our homes

Using public data in Stage 3 and 4 – workshop resource

Learning objectives

Students will:

  • gather and organise data from multiple sources
  • interpret and compare a range of data displays
  • construct data displays and use these displays to visualise and evaluate information.

Curriculum alignment
Mathematics – Stage 3

MA3-DATA-01 – constructs graphs using many-to-one scales.

MA3-DATA-02 – interprets data displays, including timelines and line graphs.


  • Mathematics
  • STEM
  • Science
  • TAS
  • Teaching and learning

Business Unit:

  • Curriculum and Reform
  • Educational Standards
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