Student research project

The student research project promotes student inquiry, independent research and links the skills of working scientifically to the context of student's interests.

The student research project is a mandatory component of the science in Stages 4 and 5.

The content strands Years 7-10 state the requirement for students to engage in research projects.

All students are required to undertake at least one substantial research project during Stage 4 and Stage 5:

  • at least one project will involve hands-on practical investigation
  • at least one Stage 5 project will be an individual task.

The Student research project - student package (ONEPKG 20.7 MB) provides a OneNote for teachers and students to use when planning and conducting research investigations. It can also be used to develop students' working scientifically skills, including skills in:

  • planning
  • collecting data and information
  • graphing
  • writing scientific reports
  • research
  • presenting and communicating

Conducting research

Conducting independent research is the best way for a student to demonstrate the skills of working scientifically. The more opportunities students have to use or practise these skills, either as discrete aspects of their work, or in the context of a research project, the more capable they become at scientific research. If they have been given opportunities to contextualise that research in the ways intended by the syllabus, they will become more scientifically literate.

A great deal of flexibility is given as to what may be researched and how the research may be done. In relation to assessment, research projects may be used to assess the extent and degree of students' achievement of syllabus skills. Again, the more opportunities students have had to do research, the better they are likely to demonstrate one or more of the syllabus skills.

Legislation, regulations and standards including chemical safety and animal welfare policy must be followed.

The risk assessment example can be used with students to ensure any risks involved in science investigations are assessed to ensure work, health and safety requirements are met and create an awareness of hazards, risks and measures of control.


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