Progression of skills

Students in Stages 4 and 5 science build on the working scientifically outcome from Stage 3.

The areas of working scientifically include:
  • questioning and predicting
  • planning investigations
  • conducting investigations
  • processing and analysing data and information
  • problem-solving communication.

The four foundational skills for students of Stages 4 and 5 include:

  • identify and implement improvements to investigation plans
  • identify appropriates terminology and reporting styles to communicate information and understanding
  • draw valid conclusions from gathered data and information.

The following table outlines the progression of scientific skills from Early Stage 1 to Stage 6.

Stage Skills
Early Stage 1 explores surroundings and communicate observations
Stage 1 investigates questions and reflects on what they know
Stage 2 suggests explanations and reflects on processes
Stage 3 draws evidence based conclusions and explanations
Stage 4 identifies testable questions and presents results
Stage 5 develops testable questions and purposefully presents findings
Stage 6 Preliminary discusses validity and reliability, valid conclusions
Stage 6 HSC justifies investigations, evaluates accuracy and reliability and assesses validity


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