Riding e-scooters to and from school

Personal e-scooters are illegal on NSW roads and road-related areas, including footpaths, shared paths and bicycle lanes.

In NSW, personal e-scooters can only be used on private property.

From July 2022, electric scooter shared schemes are being trialled in designated local government areas in NSW.

Riders in the trial locations, must be 16 and over to hire and ride electric scooters. Hired shared scheme e-scooters can only be used on roads and road-related areas in designated e-scooter trial areas.

Action required

If you have students riding personal e-scooters to and from school, principals should:

  • inform the student and their parents/carers that it is illegal to ride e-scooters outside private property
  • ban the storage of e-scooters on school property.

Support Materials

Download and share this information/brochure with parents and carers via school communication channels.

More information

Please note the advice for e-bikes is different.

Refer to our latest information - riding ebikes and petrol-powered bicycles to and from school


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