Mathematics K 6 scope and sequences

Sample scope and sequences and 3-6 daily number sense instructional sequence to support implementation of the Mathematics K-10 syllabus.


The Mathematics K-10 syllabus provides a unique opportunity for a new approach to designing scope and sequences. It encourages a more flexible approach to planning for teaching and learning.

These sample scope and sequences, and the 3-6 Daily number sense instructional sequence are optional resources that schools may adopt or adapt. They:

  • represent ‘one way’ of sequencing learning to satisfy syllabus requirements​
  • summarise what is to be taught, the sequence in which it will taught​
  • identify key concepts and skills as well as the content focus for each term​
  • are flexible and fluid – can be adapted to reflect needs, interests and abilities of all students​
  • address all outcomes for each stage of learning​
  • leverage ‘new’ structural elements from the syllabus: focus areas and content groups​
  • meet requirements​ for compliance
  • save teachers’ time by providing a strong foundation for whole-school and stage-based curriculum planning.

These samples do not represent the only way to plan for student learning. While they provide a great starting point, schools are strongly encouraged make changes to meet the learning needs of all students.

Research base

The evidence base for these resources is:

Alignment to system priorities and/or needs

These resources clearly and explicitly align to:

Alignment to School Excellence Framework

These resources support the School Excellence Framework by incorporating the following domains and themes.

Learning domain
  • Curriculum: Curriculum provision, Teaching and learning programs
  • Assessment: Whole school monitoring of student learning
  • Student performance measures: NAPLAN
Teaching domain
  • Effective classroom practice: Lesson planning, Explicit teaching
  • Learning and development: Collaborative practice and feedback; Expertise and innovation
Leading domain

Educational leadership: Instructional leadership


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