Mathematics – Stage 1 – Year A – Unit 4

Smaller numbers can be found hiding in bigger numbers – develop student knowledge, understanding, and skills of combinations of numbers that add up to a given number.

Mathematics K-2 Syllabus © 2021 NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) for and on behalf of the Crown in right of the State of New South Wales.

In this unit students will learn to:

  • count on from the largest number to find the total of 2 numbers
  • recognise and recall different combinations of 2 numbers that add up to a given number
  • identify patterns to find all combinations for a given number
  • use the bar model to represent parts of a number
  • identify and combine numbers which make doubles facts
  • describe combinations for numbers using words such as ‘more than’ and ‘less than’, and ‘double’
  • find smaller numbers inside larger numbers
  • identify near doubles by doubling the smaller number and adding one more or doubling the larger number and subtracting one less
  • recognise and record numbers in different representations including words, numerals, and known structures such as dice, rekenreks, and ten-frames.

Syllabus focus and content group

Representing whole numbers A – MAO-WM-01, MA1-RWN-01, MA1-RWN-02
  • Use counting sequences of ones with two-digit numbers and beyond
  • Continue and create number patterns
  • Represent numbers on a line
  • Represent the structure of groups of ten in whole numbers
Combining and separating quantities A – MAO-WM-01, MA1-CSQ-01
  • Use advanced count-by-one strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems
  • Recognise and recall number bonds up to ten
  • Use flexible strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems

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