Best Start Kindergarten Assessment

Best Start Kindergarten Assessment is a literacy and numeracy assessment conducted for all Kindergarten students in the first five weeks of school.

What is the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment?

Best Start Kindergarten Assessment identifies student’s literacy and numeracy skills on entry to Kindergarten. It has been conducted in all NSW public schools since 2010. It has been revised to support the NSW Government’s Literacy and Numeracy Strategy 2017 – 2020 and is mapped to the National Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions.

The revised assessment is conducted in line with existing school practices and will build upon teaching and learning programs that support students in the transition to school.

For more details, refer to the Best Start Kindergarten Assessment - Information for schools fact sheet (PDF 59KB)

What is different about the revised Best Start Kindergarten Assessment?

The revised Best Start Kindergarten Assessment will deliver benefits to schools and teachers:

  • Improvements in the information captured and time spent analysing information
  • The online tool enables teachers to record detailed information about student’s current literacy and numeracy skills, knowledge and understanding with information automatically transferred to PLAN2 and mapped to the National Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions
  • Reports will enable teachers to view student skills as soon as the assessment is complete and teachers can immediately update information in PLAN2.

Professional learning and support will be available for schools to support the implementation of Best Start Kindergarten Assessment.


Refer to the Resources page to access Best Start Kindergarten Assessment information and materials.

For additional support, contact the Literacy and Numeracy Unit:

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