Stage 6 Drama – Inside the projects

Professional learning materials and resources explicitly address learning objectives, are clear and engaging for participants to use is achieved by each of the three modules in the professional learning.

Learning goals

Inside the projects, approaches and insights intentions:

  1. Explore approaches and insights into various projects
  2. Select and respond to pedagogical practices, experiences and advice through a series of interviews
  3. Complete a deliverable workbook reflecting on teaching practices and approaches.

Success Criteria

Each module has been created by a team of people to ensure that the content is correct and that the eLearning is engaging. Final drafts of the modules are located in the supporting materials. There are also annotated versions of the modules and materials to enable specific links to be demonstrated.

Additionally, the assessment tasks are created to reinforce the learning objectives of the course. That is they have string and identifiable links to the stage 6 drama syllabus, they have links to teacher professional standards, and participants are encouraged to consider the links between the teaching and learning being referenced and their own school’s strategic directions. The first two modules have the assessment tasks built into the online modules. Each module also contains reflective questions built into them on how to apply the learning into the classroom.

The professional learning uses recent and updated references. All videos are new and have been filmed for this purpose. The current stage 6 Drama syllabus are used as the basis for the eLearning. Technology use is appropriate for the learning. Participants will be able to access the three modules online within their own timeframes. They can work through a module and if they don’t complete it in one sitting they can return to it and continue on from where they left off. The pathway for the learning of each module is intuitive and attractive to a user.

This is an online course.

It includes:

  • Stage 6 drama - module 3 pre-survey
  • Module 3 - Inside the projects
  • Stage 6 drama reflection workbook
  • Stage 6 drama - module 3 post-survey


To enrol in Stage 6 Drama - Inside the projects go to MyPL.


Approximate duration is 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Please note: You must successfully complete Stage 6 drama - preliminary and Stage 6 drama - HSC before enrolling in Stage 6 Drama - Inside the projects.

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