Benefits of a teaching career

A career that moves

Mentoring and support

Benefits you and others

Video: Teaching opens doors

Become a teacher and unlock a world of opportunity.

Start your teaching journey

Ready to start the journey? Find out how to become a teacher in a NSW public school.

High school students:

  1. Meet teaching course pre-requisites
  2. Update UAC preferences to include an initial teacher education course
  3. Apply for a future teacher scholarship

University students:

  1. Enrol in an approved initial teacher education course
  2. Apply for a future teacher scholarship
  3. Apply for approval to teach with the NSW Department of Education

Career changers:

  1. Select your subject area specialisation
  2. Enrol in an initial teacher education course
  3. Be supported while you study/retrain to become a teacher

Teachers from other systems/states:

  1. Apply for NESA accreditation
  2. Apply for approval to teach in NSW public schools
  3. Explore employment opportunities across NSW

Video stories: See how teaching opens doors

For Sarah, a teaching career has opened doors to a community of like-minded individuals.
Teaching opened doors for Iginas. He is now doing the same for his students.
A career in education has opened doors for Jason as both an Aboriginal Education Officer and Aboriginal Culture Curriculum Teacher.
For Troy, teaching in a NSW public school has opened doors to a rewarding career and a welcoming community he can raise his family within.
As a teacher, Julian is able to make a visible difference in the course of his students' lives. He also has the flexibility to pursue his passion for acting.
Francis became a teacher to positively impact the lives of others, and has since discovered the ways in which teaching offers a diverse range of professional development opportunities that enhanced his career.
As a student, Stella's teachers opened doors for her to explore her love of science. Stella now shapes the future of STEM through encouraging and supporting her own students.
For Tammy, a career in education has opened doors. Not only to varied and rewarding leadership opportunities but for her school community and the next generation.
Working as a Senior Education Officer and sharing her passion for teaching with future teachers was a career development opportunity Gen couldn't have imagined when starting as a history teacher.

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Book credit: ICEBERG by Claire Saxby, illustrated by Jess Racklyeft (Allen & Unwin, 2021) featured with the permission of Allen & Unwin:

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