Video transcript: Troy's story

We moved out to a school in rural New South Wales. It's been such a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

I think we found our home and a place where we would definitely stay for a lifetime and raise our family.

I started in January at my school. I was given an in-school mentor and that support has allowed me to develop that relational trust within my school and my school community. But it's also made me feel that I'm growing as a school leader.

I drive to work each and every day and think, ‘Oh, I love my job’. The students are genuine and authentic. They want to get to know who you are and if I can inspire them to pursue that passion or hobby they have, you know, whether it's one kid or it’s a class of kids then that's a job well done and a career that I'm satisfied that I took a step into.

As a teacher it’s really nice to have that wrap around support. The staff that you work with are really supportive, they're really welcoming and it's really nice to be able to bring my family into that school as well. The memories we create, whether walking through the bush, going to the library or swimming lessons at the local swim centre. It's having that time to really authentically share those special moments and memories.

My name is Troy and I teach in a New South Wales public school.


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