Teachers from other systems and states

Are you currently teaching overseas, in another state or in another NSW system? Find out how teaching in a NSW public school can open doors for you.

Are you considering teaching in a NSW public school?

Teachers with the NSW Department of Education are daily difference makers. As a teacher, you will enrich the lives of your students, their families and the broader community.

As the largest employer of teachers in Australia, the department offers an inclusive workplace where all employees are welcome and valued. Our schools reflect Australian communities with students and staff representing a diverse range of cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds.

The department also offers flexibility of employment (including casual, part-time or full-time), generous leave provisions and the opportunity to work in a range of diverse school contexts, including schools in rural and remote NSW which attract additional benefits and incentives.

If you're looking for career progression or upskilling opportunities, the department provides numerous programs designed to enhance your teaching career.

Read on to find out how to continue your teaching career in a NSW public school.

Your how to guide

Ready to get started? Follow the steps below to start your teaching journey with the NSW Department of Education.

Step 1: Gain accreditation with the NSW Education Standards Authority

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) is responsible for accrediting all teachers in NSW. All teachers with the NSW Department of Education are required to gain accreditation through NESA before applying for approval to teach in a NSW public school.

If you are an interstate teacher currently registered with another Australian teacher registration body, this registration may be recognised by NESA. You should refer to the NESA website for a guide to getting your interstate teaching registration recognised.

If you are an international teacher, visit the Smart Move Australia website for information about visas.

Step 2: Gain approval to teach

All teachers in NSW public schools are required to apply for approval to teach. You can view a step-by-step guide on the approval to teach webpage.

Step 3: Start teaching

Once you have gained full approval to teach, you will be able to teach on a casual basis, or apply for temporary and permanent teaching positions in NSW public schools.

NSW public schools use the ClassCover app to book casual teachers. We recommend first creating a profile on the ClassCover website, and then downloading the app.

Temporary and permanent positions can be found in JobFeed. JobFeed is updated weekly, and you can subscribe to JobFeed to receive the most up to date positions in NSW public schools directly to your inbox every Wednesday. Before you apply for a temporary or permanent position, view our tips on developing a great application.

Explore opportunities across NSW

Are you considering working in a rural or remote NSW public school? Rural and remote NSW public schools offer the opportunity to enhance your career and receive a range of incentives and benefits.

Teach and make a difference in Balranald
Teach and make a difference in the Glen Innes area

Enhance your career in a NSW public school

The NSW Department of Education offers a number of opportunities for career progression and advancement, including the below programs:

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